The House of Legends Coming to DC Universe Online This August

Time to team up in a new episode.
Time to team up in a new episode. Dimensional Ink

A new episode is coming this August to DC Universe Online. From the World of Flashpoint, players are taken to House of Legends in Episode 41. It’s going to be a non-traditional episode focusing on new features.

The House of Legends is a place where The Monitor has gathered Superheroes and Super-Villains. There seems to be a new threat to the multiverse, though what it actually is remains unclear. However, the only thing certain so far is that The Monitor wants everyone to train their hardest and form new alliances.

The House of Legends is going to be the shared headquarters of heroes and villains alike. It’s going to be like the typical headquarters except it’s smaller and packed with functionality.

Find Allies

Allies is actually a new system introduced in Episode 41. Everyone needs to search different universes for elite and iconic characters of the DC universe. Those who are able to get new allies can have them help in battle.

Once Episode 41 launches, players immediately get access to some characters in the likes of Cyborg, The Flash, and the Flashpoint Wonder Woman. Players who can level up their connection with these characters get to unlock passive buffs and powerful abilities.

A New Approach

Episode 41 is set to offer players a new way to play past content. Generally, episodes have been mainly about end-game content but with this new episode, the focus is going on the game as a whole.

With this in mind, DCUO Senior Producer Landon “Panderus” Falls revealed that changes are coming. The biggest would probably be Combat Rating Relevancy being removed from the game. This should indeed shake things up.

Save The Universe

Save The Universe is a system that presents past content favorites and up-leveled to end-game Combat Rating requirements. It seems that there’s a lot planned for this feature but for Episode 41, it is a way for players to earn rewards, earn episode currency, and of course, progress their characters.

What do you think? Excited about this new episode?

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