DC Universe Online Bonus Currency Week Starts Today

Earn more this week.
Earn more this week. Dimensional Ink Games

DC Universe Online is bringing something exciting into the World of Flashpoint. Starting today, June 17, and until June 23, there are bonus currency and new rewards.

For the entire week, rewards in the form of Wayne Casino Tokens are tripled. To get bonus currency, players need to queue for On Duty missions and battle their way to Flashpoint Gotham City. If you’re new to the game, Wayne Casino Tokens are the main currency in the World of Flashpoint and are used to get new gear and rewards from the episode vendors.

Making you want to get those extra Wayne Casino Tokens are the new items now available in World of Flashpoint vendors. These are:

  • Neon Urban Camo Chroma Pack
  • Digitized Orange Material
  • Digitized Purple Material
  • Digitized Orange Aura
  • Digitized Purple Aura
  • Junior Speedster Hair Style
  • Junior Speedster Cowl Style

Besides those, there are also seven new Digitized Orange Modular Auras and seven new Digital Purple Modular Auras available.

Fighting Toxic Behavior

Also this week, the DCUO is asking for help from the community to fight toxic behavior. DCUO Senior Community Manager Ted “Mepps” Stone shared that the player base has become enormous and diverse.

As much as they want everything to run smoothly, there are always those who exhibit bad behaviors, such as hate speech, inciting toxicity, targeted harassment, and cheating. The problem is these people aren’t content with just acting out in the game but also in other game-related channels.

To this end, Mepps is asking the community for assistance and revealed faster ways to send reports of such behaviors. Players can now send emails directly to:

  • cheater@dcuniverseonline.com
  • toxic@dcuniverseonline.com

Mepps hopes that this should be easier compared to opening a support ticket. While DCUO will look into the complaints raised in these emails, they won’t be responding directly to the player or inform them if any actions were taken.

If you think about it, this is pretty much like what many other games are doing, like Valve which has the Overwatch system. One difference is that DCUO’s method is a bit formal since you have to send an email. Still, you have to wonder how it was in the past if this new method is easier and faster.

Regardless, it’s good that the devs are doing something against toxic behavior. What do you think?

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