Fortnite World Cup Duos Champions Split Up Days After Win

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Word Cup Duos champions goes on their separate ways.
Word Cup Duos champions goes on their separate ways. Fortnite Competitive

The smoke has barely cleared from the battlefield and it appears that the Fortnite World Cup Duos Champions are going their separate ways. The team of Emil "Nyhrox" Bergquist Pedersen and David "Aqua" Wang took the world of Fortnite Competitive by surprise after they won the championship and the $3 million cash prize.

While the two come from different countries, with Aqua from Austria and Nyhrox from Norway, the two are supported by COOLER Esport. Their win was considered a surprise since they defeated 49 other teams, many of which came from better funded and larger organizations. The win not only brought them fortune, but fame as well with follower counts and likes of their social media accounts increasing steadily.

While the expectations were high that the two would continue to compete as a team, the reality is far from it. Just days after, Nyhrox posted a tweet stating "Free Agent." He also posted a link to a longer statement on the matter.

In the statement, Nyhrox confirmed that he is already a free agent and thanked everyone at COOLER. He went on to say that he made a "decision that I want to seek new opportunities and find a new home now when my contract has expired." He then listed some of his achievements which included, among others, the first place finish at the recent Fortnite World Cup Finals - Duo, a first-place finish at the Octagon Invitational, and a third-place finish at the Fortnite World Cup 2019 - Week 4 - Europe.

COOLER has since tweeted a sendoff for Nyhrox, showing that there was no issues in the departure.

So what did Aqua think about the move? Surprisingly, he revealed that he was partnering with Klaus “Stompy” Kostanzer, who is also from Austria, in the next duo tournaments.

Aqua also released a statement saying that he never meant to send hate to Nyhrox, or anyone else for that matter. He added that while he and Nyhrox have been playing for quite sometime, it "doesn't mean we are the best duo or [I] could improve more with someone else." Aqua went on to say that he "feel[s] like [S]tompy and [I] fit each other better and [N]yhrox and [I] have been talking about this for longer as well." He ended by saying that he and Nyhrox remain friends and wishes him the best of luck.

Hopefully we get to see how each are going to fare with different teammates in upcoming Fortnite tournaments.

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