Fortnite Testing LTMs As Tournaments, Addressing Concerns On Disconnected Duos

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One feature that a number of Fortnite players look forward to are Limited Time Modes. In general, LTMs alter some rules and mechanics compared to your standard game of Fortnite. The last LTM for Fortnite gave players the chance to fight against Thanos in time with the release of Avengers: Endgame.

The team at Fortnite however announced Wednesday that as the Fortnite World Cup Online Opens come to an end, the developers are looking for new ways to not only make Fortnite offer more fun, but also news ways for players to compete. Going to the Fortnite World Cup Finals, the team revealed that they will be trying to add some non-Battle Royale events to the weekly tournament rotation. This includes both LTMs and Creative. The team is hoping that this will allow the competitive scene to be more dynamic and give players more paths to win.

The team also gave an update on the Drum Gun that was brought back with the Unvaulting event. With the exception of the ongoing Tournament playlist, this item was added almost immediately to loot tables in all modes in the game, which includes Arena.

The team revealed that the Drum Gun is now plart of the Tournament playlist set this weekend. With the update v9.00, the spawn rate of the Drum Gun was tweaked to ensure that it was in line with similar items.

Fortnite also revealed that it was looking into the matter of a Duo partner not being able to load in a tournament, but with the other player still able to participate and even acquire points. In official tournaments, the Duo actually do not receive any of the points earned as a result of the disconnection.

In the Arena and Tournament Modes, for instance, a match is not counted towards the 10 placement matches if a Duo partner disconnects or has been disconnect. This is true while the players are loading into the pre-match island prior to the Battle Bus being boarded. According to the team, this was done on purpose as they "see playing alone against Duos as a heavy disadvantage, and many players would not want to have one of their 10 possible placement matches scored under those unusual and unfair conditions."

This is also reflected in the official rules.

However the team did admit that there are cases wherein despite facing a disconnection, a player manages to excel. The rule mentioned above results in such a players being penalized. To address this concern, a specific new in-game messaging feature is planned to be added with the v9.10 update. Added as well will be options to address the rare cases where a teammate disconnects while loading in the pre-match island.

To learn more about the issue of disconnected duos, you can read more here.

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