Fortnite Players Can't Get Enough Mythic Goldfish

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Everyone now wants to start fishing.
Everyone now wants to start fishing. Epic Games

One Fortnite player reportedly obtained vivid confirmation about the rumored Mythic Goldfish item when they were eliminated by it in a single hit. Now, all other players are starting to be obsessed with reeling one for their own good.

For those who do not know, the Mythic Goldfish was found in Fortnite’s game files following the launch of Chapter 2. However, it is so rare that some, if not all, players started suggesting that it was not really available in the official game yet.

Interestingly, the game even became a hotter topic when the 11th season kicked off. After the final events of the 10th season, the entire map was sucked into a black hole and everything just went dark. Yes, that is right – players were even left staring at a blank screen with no idea of what was happening. Interestingly, it was part of Epic Games’ idea to introduce Chapter 2.

When Fortnite came back online, the studio replaced its familiar map with a new one. And, boy, it does come with tons of surprises, with the Mythic Goldfish catching the attention of many. Based on a leak on the App Store, the new map comes with an aquatic theme, featuring waterways that players can cruise through using newly added boats. This feature only made the Mythic Goldfish a very interesting element in the game.

In a video posted on Reddit, the Mythic Goldfish seems to be making an auspicious entrance. Surprisingly, it takes out user BlakeBenbow with a single blow. Even more so, the play can be seen receiving an achievement called “Sleep with the Fishes” for simply getting eliminated by an exceedingly rare item.

Fortnite players have already started speculating about what the Mythic Goldfish entails. Some suggest that it is just too powerful, while others believe it does not necessarily grant a one-hit kill in every case. Of course, the game has been known for its controversial “overpowered items” in the past, but this one right here is likely to be receiving the same kind of ire from the player base.

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