Bug In Fortnite Chapter 2 Makes Boats Fly Like Planes

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Yes, boats can indeed fly in the game.
Yes, boats can indeed fly in the game. Epic Games

Epic Games finally released its highly anticipated and massive Fortnite Chapter 2 update, which arrived following a mysterious event. Now that the game’s refreshed version is live, players are starting to notice some issues and bugs. And while most of them are small, they are still annoying.

One current bug in Fortnite that is making headlines is, in one way or another, quite different. That is because it is actually giving players an entirely new strategy: the ability to fly boats like they are planes.

It holds true that Epic Games’ Fortnite has been entirely refreshed for its Chapter 2 release. For starters, there is a new map brimming with plenty of new destinations. Plus, players get to enjoy a deluge of new weapons and vehicles. One of those new vehicles is a motorized boat, which enables players to get around the battle royale island using its many rivers and streams.

The aforementioned vehicle is, for some reason, experiencing a major bug at the moment. This bug enables Fortnite players to fly the boat through the air like a plane. As shown in the video here, players are able to take the plane into the sky and all they have to do is navigate it to the island’s new waterfall, then drive it off the edge. Rather than falling, the plane follows the same path, ending up in the air and not in the body of water below.

Based on the footage, there is no doubt that the boat can remain in the air for as long as Fortnite players want to. Unfortunately, there is a downside to taking this trip. Unless a player is in the Team Rumble mode, that person is going to end up dying from fall damage if someone is successful enough to shoot the boat out of the air.

Considering the fact that this is a bug, Epic will definitely find a way to fix it. Even more so, it is going to happen sooner rather than later. Get your flying boat fun in now!

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