Fortnite Patch V9.20 Notes: Unleash The Fury With The Storm Flip

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  • Xbox One
  • Survival
Fortnite: Storm Flip
Fortnite: Storm Flip Epic Games

Fortnite has released Patch v.920, which introduces the game’s newest item: the Storm Flip.

Storm Flip is a thrown item that explodes and creates a sphere-shaped area. When this sphere overlaps the storm, it results in a safe zone. However, overlapping with a safe zone creates a storm zone. The zones last for 20 seconds before they dissipate. In terms of damage, it deals the same amount as the current storm.

The item is available in Epic Rarity and can be found from Floor Loot, Chests, and Vending Machines. It drops in stacks of one, with the max stack being one.

Changes brought about in this new patch include:

  • Vaulted
    • Hunting Rifle all variants
    • While we value the variety of longer range sniping options, the Hunting Rifle has become somewhat outclassed by the Infantry Rifle after it was changed to hitscan. In addition, there are a few Sniper Rifle options available and we feel it doesn’t currently fill a necessary role in the item lineup.
  • Loot Carrier
    • Reduced sniper package availability from 12.5% to 8.45%
    • Reduced explosive package availability from 12.5% to 7.04%
    • The chances of getting high-powered, rare items from Supply Drones was higher than felt appropriate, so we’ve reduced their availability slightly
  • Mounted turret
    • Overheat now takes 20% longer.
    • The Mounted Turret’s usage has decreased over time. By slightly increasing time before Overheat, the goal is to help increase its risk/reward.
  • Increased max charge time on Boom Bow from 1s to 1.25s
    • The Boom Bow is a bit stronger than we’d like. This adjustment should reduce frequency between shots, making misses riskier. We’d like to evaluate the impact of this change before making any additional adjustments, and it’s possible that more tweaks will be necessary if this doesn’t have the desired effect.
  • The Slipstream’s audio, pink ring, and spinning blades turn off when disabled during the fifth phase of the Storm.
  • Players revived from a Reboot Van will lose invulnerability upon shooting or building.
  • Air Vents are now more forgiving in order to prevent fall damage when players jump on them from high places.

Patch v9.20 made changes to the mobile version as well:

  • Introducing Quick Heal
    • Allows for Shield and Health consumables to be used more easily.
      • When health or shields are below 100 (max) - the quick heal button will display on screen.
    • Separate button that needs to be added manually from the HUD Layout Tool.
    • Button Icon displays the current priority items from the player’s inventory
      • Priority 1 - Chug Jug over all other healing items
      • Priority 2 - Health over Shield items
      • Priority 3 - MedKit over Bandages.
      • Priority 4 - If shields are below 50, Small Shields
      • Priority 5 - If shields are greater or equal to 50, Shield Potions
  • Added an “X” (Exit) button to close several screens where the “Close” button was too small.
  • Players will now get an error message if they try to update the game but have insufficient storage space.

Full details of Fortnite patch v9.20 can be viewed here.

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