Fortnite Changes Looting In Upcoming Patch

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The team at Fortnite annouced that it is making some changes to the game in an upcoming patch.

One issue the team is looking into is the "Hold to Swap" feature. This was introduced in to game to help with looting in the early stages of a match. Hold to Swap was expected to make it easier for players to get weapons as well as items in the slots that they wanted. Since then, bugs detected on this feature have been fixed with changes even implemented.

That said, the team admits that not all players may want to use this feature. With the upcoming update, this feature is no longer set as default, and can be changed in the options menu. Indeed, that should bring relief to many players.

In a previous post, it was revealed that the team was looking into disconnecting duos. What happens with this issue is that one partner is not able to load in a tournament, but the other continues to play and even get points.

To address this concern, the team said that "players who have their duo disconnect while loading into the pre-match island will be able to leave the match without penalty prior to the Battle Bus launching." However, once the Bus is launched and the solo remaining player decides to stay and continue playing, then the match counts. To avoid confusion, Fortnite is currently working to add an in game message.

There was also a critical issue discovered with players becoming stuck in vehicles and being unable to exit. Rather than allowing the Finals to continue with the threat of this bug, the decision was to disable all vehicles, as they are the root of the problem. According to the team, "it was more fair to remove all vehicles to ensure players weren’t penalized for something outside of their control during the Finals." Fortnite assured players that a fix will be part of the upcomng update.

Other problems that are expected to be fixed with the update are audio-related. In particular, there are situations wherein gunfire was being covered up by building sounds. There are also instances of players being able to silence their landing sound as long as they are able to land at a specific velocity.

To get an idea of what other things Fortnite has in store for its upcoming update, you can read more here.

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