First 360Hz Gaming Monitors Announced

Asus ROG 360
Asus ROG 360 YouTube

While gamers are still completely happy with their 240Hz monitors, Asus and Nvidia recently announced their 360Hz G-Sync compatible monitor. The monitor is called the Asus ROG 360. Given the higher refresh rate, the Asus ROG 360 is strictly designed for competitive gaming. However, to take advantage of this refresh rate, gamers will require a pretty powerful graphics card. Check out the video below:

Based on current trends, the Asus ROG 360 may seem like overkill on paper. But, we did once believe that anything above 60 fps was overkill as well. Although you may not gain a major advantage in single-player games, the monitor can really come in handy with MOBAs and competitive shooters.

Regarding the Asus ROG 360, Nvidia claims that the monitor is capable of showing a frame every 2.8ms, which results in clearer picture quality and super fast response time. The monitor supports Nvidia G-Sync technology, which prevents screen-tearing in games.

Talking about the specifications, the Asus ROG 360 is a 24.5", 1080p monitor. While most people may look down on that resolution, it is important to understand that higher resolutions will only negatively impact framerates. Nvidia recommends that the monitor excels when paired with RTX series graphics cards.

Now, if you think that your CS:GO or Overwatch performance is held back by your current monitor, you may consider upgrading to the Asus ROG 360.

Although the monitor itself has been announced, the price hasn't been revealed. Given that the monitor is aimed at people who play professionally, we don't expect it to be cheap. The monitor is expected to release this year and will be shown at CES this week.

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