Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier Offering Pre-Registration for Closed Beta Test

Coming to mobile.
Coming to mobile. Square Enix

The battle royale genre is about to get bigger with the Final Fantasy franchise set to release a new game. Titled Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier, it’s planned for Android and iOS devices. While no release date is mentioned, players can now pre-register for a closed beta test from June 1 to 7.

Although that may be good news to mobile game players, there’s a bit of bad news. The closed beta test is limited for now to Android. Players interested can sign up through the Play Store until May 28 to get that chance.

In the game, players get to experience a rather extraordinary BR experience to be the last soldier standing. During the fight, soldiers can use melee and ranged weapons as well as magic and special abilities.

What else does the game offer? Players can also choose between different styles like Sorcerer, Warrior, and Monk, with each bringing unique special abilities to battle. However, players also need to watch out for monsters that live in the city’s outskirts. If they beat these monsters, they can get experience to level up and unlock new weapons.

Since the game is a Final Fantasy title, expect some of the elements from the series. These include rideable chocobos, powerful espers, and even Ifrit. There’s also summon and materia, which allows players to cast those devastating spells. Players can customize as well the accessories and outfits of their characters, and get emotes and weapon skins.

There’s no question that Final Fantasy having its own battle royale game is indeed big for the genre. The question though is if it’s going to get the interest of fans or invite new players. That’s because there is a huge competition in the genre itself, not to mention the trend of companies releasing mobile game versions. Battlefield, for example, is set to release a standalone version for mobile. An Apex Legends mobile game is also in the works and recently, The Division announced an upcoming title on the same platform.

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