Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Launches Collaboration With FF 7 Remake

An interesting collab is here.
An interesting collab is here. Square Enix

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has something exciting for all players as it has kicked off a collaboration with none other than Final Fantasy 7 Remake. In addition, players also can enjoy a new unit type, which is the Neo Vision. Then there’s also the Fourth Anniversary celebratory content.

FF7 Remake Collab

There’s no question that this collaboration has a lot to offer to players. There’s the daily login bonus, which includes the FF7 Remake Featured Summon Ticket. There is also the Series Event where completing the first stage of the quest rewards players with the five-star Reno. Finishing additional event quests gives players the needed materials to upgrade Reno to a seven-star.

Another new feature is the Series Event Companion Battle, which gives players a chance to take on the challenge once a day. Players can use their FF7 units in order to complete the battle and earn event points which can then be exchanged for rewards.

New Neo Vision Units

The new Neo Vision units give players access to different abilities and advantages. These are:

  • Brave Shift
    • Units can change their characteristics, appearance and attack styles during battle.
      • What this means is that players practically have two powerful units in one.
  • Brave Abilities
    • These special abilities can be enhanced up to five times to increase damage dealt.
  • Vision Cards
    • This new piece of equipment can be equipped by Neo Vision units to enhance their parameters even further.
    • Players get one random Vision Card upon summoning a Neo Vision unit.
    • Vision Cards can also be obtained as Arena ranking event rewards or as EX Awakening rewards.
    • Vision Cards can be enhanced to increase their parameters and unlock passive abilities.
  • EX Awakenings
    • The system lets Neo Vision units be further enhanced a total of three times.
    • By awakening Neo Vision units, players can unlock Brave Shift, obtain Vision Cards and receive other exciting rewards.

Fourth Anniversary

In celebration of this anniversary, players can get the:

  • Overdrive Login Bonus
    • By simply logging in players get to receive different rewards that include, among others:
      • EX Ticket (5 ★)
      • 5 ★ Guaranteed 10+1 Summon Ticket (3 ★ /4 ★ /5 ★)
      • Ascension Pearl (used to awaken Neo Vision units)
      • Lapis
      • GL Original Vision Card
  • Overdrive SOON Medals
    • Players receive these medals through login bonuses and the 4th Anniversary Overdrive SOON Medal Daily Quests.
    • Medals can be exchanged for various rewards like the Neo Vision unit Awakening materials and Neo Vision enhancement materials.
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