Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Collab with Final Fantasy VIII Now Live

A new collab is here again.
A new collab is here again. Square Enix

The Final Fantasy Brave Exvius collaboration event with Final Fantasy VIII is now live. Starting today, players can summon epic units from Final Fantasy VIII. There are also login bonuses to enjoy and other new content.

One of the things that players can enjoy is the Rinoa & Angelo Step-Up Summon. Starting April 28, they have the chance to get Rinoa & Angelo (NV) as a featured unit from the Rinoa & Angelo Step-Up Summon. By performing this summon, players can obtain a Summon Coin (Rinoa & Angelo) and an NV Exchange Ticket (Rinoa & Angelo) with each step. Players can also get 200 VIP Coins on step four and 25 Super Trust Moogle Exchange Tickets on step five by finishing the step-up summon. Players can also exchange 10 NV Exchange Ticket (Rinoa & Angelo) to obtain Rinoa & Angelo (NV).

Here are the other details of this limited-time collaboration event:

  • A Girl and Her Dog Login Bonus
    • Players who log in every day until May 11 can get:
      • Neo Vision Awakenable 5-Star Lone Lion Squall Unit
      • NV EX Ticket (4-Star/5-Star/NV) x2
      • Guaranteed Ticket (4-Star/5-Star/NV) x1
  • King Mog Event - Balamb Garden in Crisis
    • Players who clear the King Mog Event can collect event currency to exchange for exciting rewards.
    • These include materials to awaken the 5-Star Lone Lion Squall unit to a Neo Vision unit.
    • This is available until May 11.
  • Knights of Grandshelt Discounted Step-Up Summon
    • Until June 1, players can perform a discounted Step-Up Summon which includes one guaranteed NV unit on step four.
    • Players can get a Summon Coin (Knights of Grandshelt) and NV Exchange Ticket (Knights of Grandshelt) for completing each step.
    • Players can exchange 20 NV Exchange Ticket (Knights of Grandshelt) for a Knights of Grandshelt (NV).
    • Featured unit summon rates are boosted for the NV guaranteed unit only on step four.
  • ​All’s Well that Rains Well Login Bonus
    • Until May 5, players who log in every day can obtain:
    • NV EX Ticket (5-Star/NV)
    • Guaranteed Ticket (4-Star/ 5-Star/ NV)
    • Lapis (in-game currency) x100
  • Free Weekly 5 Summon
    • Players can summon from this banner for free once a week to obtain five 5-Star or NV units guaranteed until June 8.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is available on Android and iOS.

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