War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Launches Collab with Persona 5 Royal

A new collab.
A new collab. Square Enix

War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius players are once again invited to another limited-time collaboration event and this time, it’s with Persona 5 Royal. From April 25 to May 31, players get the chance to summon new units like the Joker, Queen, and Violet. Players can also collect limited-time vision cards as part of the event.

All players can get the Queen unit free by logging in during the collaboration event. The Queen (UR) Unit is a Lighting UR unit with Priestess as her main job and Gunner and Pugilist as her subjobs. Her Queen’s Limited Burst Atomic Flare can lower a target’s Lightning Resistance and give herself haste for three turns, after that it deals damage based on the caster’s Magic stat. Meanwhile, her Mafreidyne skill destroys all barriers within the range that reduce damage and then deals damage based on the caster’s Magic stat. Finally, Marakukaja raises the Area Attack Resistance of allies and Queen’s own Attack/Magic for three turns.

Other New Units

Two other new units arrive with the Queen and one of them is the Joker (UR) Unit. This Ultra Rare (UR) dark has his main job of Wild Card with subjobs Nightblade and Gunner. The Riot Gun skill can raise his defense piercing rate for three turns, allowing players to deal large amounts of damage to targets within range. Players can pair it with One-Shot Kill to lower enemy defenses for three turns. Then, there is “We Have to Survive!” to give protection to allies and Joker himself to reduce incoming damage.

The other one is the Violet (UR) Unit, a Light UR unit with her main job being Faith and subjobs of Fencer and Gunner. Players can make use of her Limit Burst, Sword Dance, to deal three consecutive hits to a target, with a high chance of Critical Hit, and activate Vorpal Blade to reduce AP upon Critical Hit while also dealing damage to targets within range. Players can use her "Allow Me!" skill to lower the defense of the target and then deal two hits with a chance of inflicting paralysis for three turns.

New Cards

Beginning May 4, players can summon the "Changing the World Takes Heart” Vision Card and give “Man Eater” to their party. This feature allows them to have max HP for Dark-type units at max level as well as Dark Attack increase for Joker, Attack and Magic increase for Queen, and Slash Attack increase for Violet.

Then from May 11 to May 24, players can get the “Those Who Defy Reality” Vision Card by participating in the collaboration raid event. This one increases max HP and Area Attack Resistance while raising Strike Attack for Lightning-type units at Max Level.

War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is available on Android and iOS.

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