Fan-Made Overwatch Trailer Has Link In It

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An Overwatch fan made a trailer with Link from Legends of Zelda.
An Overwatch fan made a trailer with Link from Legends of Zelda. Stéphane Videlo

Have you ever imagined playing Link, the Hero of Hyrule in Legends of Zelda, in Overwatch? It seems impossible, right? Well, not really – someone actually created a full-blown concept video with the character introduced as one of the heroes in Blizzard’s popular first-person online shooter game.

Seriously, this is the closest we have come to the much dreamed of Nintendo-Overwatch crossover. The trailer is meant to showcase a handful of different elements of how the Zelda character would look and function in the shooter title. It even includes a look at his Play of the Game, combat style, and the very mechanics of opening a loot box. Appropriately, this box even contains a yellow rupee.

Link also received a redesign in line with the visual style behind Brigitte and Reinhardt. It does make sense for the creator to use these heroes, though. They are, after all, the two of the most medieval-inspired characters already present in Overwatch.

As for Link’s Master Sword, it appears to be electric and two-pronged, although the video creator retained his classic and iconic outline. Moreover, he has with him red, green, and blue potions, all strapped to an over-the-shoulder belt. They also are kept in jars that seem to look much more technologically involved than the usual bottle with a cork stopper.

The concept trailer can be seen on the Vimeo channel of Stéphane Videlo, who reportedly works as a 3D animator at Riot Games. Mind you, he is the person who made the animation, rig, and video editing possible. As for the concept art, we have Jeremy Vitry to thank. Interestingly, Vitry worked with Blizzard designing Lúcio's Arctic Fox skin and Widowmaker's Biathalon look.

Link's character model was courtesy of Aaron Walker, who contributed to Spyro Reignited. The VFX were created by Etienne POV, who animates VFX for Ori and the Blind Forest developers Moon Studios, and background, props and rendering were done by Philemon Belhomme, who works for Shiro Games, a studio that will be releasing Darkburg.

Unfortunately, for now, the idea of playing a Nintendo-Overwatch crossover is just a pipe dream. But hey, you can always play Overwatch on Switch come October.

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