Nope, Brigitte's Rally Won't Work On Overwatch Slopes And Stairs

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Others say it is a bug, while some believe it is a new feature.
Others say it is a bug, while some believe it is a new feature. Blizzard

If there is one hero in Overwatch that has been having a rough time lately, it is Brigitte. The character has reportedly got her entire hero kit overhauled thanks to the latest patch courtesy of Blizzard.

Apparently, the new update has made the character more of a support hero rather than a pseudo-tank, which is what everyone expects from her. In the game right now, she is having a hard time using her ultimate as it tends to experience issues with obstacles like stairs and slopes. While it is easy to suggest it is a bug, a good number of players are convinced it is more of an annoying feature the developers introduced to her kit.

A Reddit user posted a compilation of video of Brigitte using her ultimate Rally. As shown in the footage, the skill doesn't seem to affect a friendly Ana player. As you might have already known, the ultimate is capable of giving armor to allies every 0.5 seconds. This basically adds up to 100 bonus armor, allowing you to avoid a death assault from enemies if you have low health. However, in this video, a critically damaged Ana is not affected by the ultimate when standing on either stairs or slopes – and it does not matter which map is used.

While the aforementioned issue is deemed to be a “new” bug in Brigitte’s hero kit, it appears to be a long-standing problem for the support character. The general manager of Team Ireland for the 2019 Overwatch World Cup, Andrew Bohan, posted a video back in May 2018 showing that Brigitte’s ultimate was not affecting her allies situated on a different vertical “level.”

The issue is said to have stemmed from the fact that the ultimate starts from a different area of Brigitte’s model when compared to other support heroes in Overwatch. Take for example Lucio and Zenyatta. When these two characters cast their respective ultimates, a spherical form surfaces and radiates from the very center of their character model. In other words, any allied heroes can easily reap the benefits of these ultimates even if they are on a different vertical level.

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