Fallout 76 is Working on Improving Legendary Crafting with Legendary Particles

A new way to craft. Bethesda

Bethesda announced that the team for Fallout 76 is currently working on a new update. Like with most major patches being released for the game, it has to be placed in the Public Test Server before going out. For the upcoming update, one of the improvements being looked into is on Legendary Crafting.

Now for those of you new to the game, Legendary Crafting was first introduced way back during the in the Nuclear Winter update. This feature has since been expanded with the Wastelanders and Steel Reign updates.

In a post, the team revealed that they've been looking into a new approach when it comes to Legendary Crafting. In particular, they wanted players to have more direct control when it comes to the Legendary Mods that are on the Legendary items.

How are they going about it? Well, it has to do with something called Legendary Particles. This is a new crafting component that you can use to craft Legendary Mods. You can also spend Legendary Modules to swap them to Legendary items.

Legendary Particles

Before we dive into how this version of Legendary Crafting works let's introduce you to Legendary Particles, our new crafting component. In this new system, you'll use Legendary Particles to craft Legendary Mods and spend Legendary Modules to swap them onto Legendary items.

There are two ways to get Legendary Particles. The first is scrapping Legendary items at the workbench. The second method is to trade with players. Once you have these Legendary Particles, they can then be stored in the Scrap Stash.

Legendary Mods

Anyway, before you can begin swapping Legendary Mods for items, you first need to get the mod that you want. This can be done in one of two ways:

  • Trading for the mod with another player.
  • Scrapping Legendary items with the desired mod on it.

What happens is that each time you scrap a Legendary item, you get Legendary Particles along with the chance to learn one of the Legendary mods on that item. Once you have the mod plan from an item, you can then head on over to the Tinker Bench to craft it by spending Legendary Particles.

Now as mentioned, this is still being tested and hopefully it's going to come out well. What do you think? Excited about this improvement?

By the way, the team is also working on a new system called Best Builds.

Fallout 76 is available for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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