Fallout 76: New Update Removes Illegal Mods Attached to Weapons

It's always better to play fair.
It's always better to play fair. Bethesda

A new update is now live in Fallout 76 that's sure to make a lot of players happy because Update introduces a big change to weapons. In particular, a new system is implemented that removes illegal mods attached to weapons. By illegal, these are mods that can't be obtained in-game.

The dev team revealed that they've always wanted Fallout 76 to be fair, fun, and inviting to all. They've actually been working way back to remove illegal attachment combinations that violate EULA. This is to make sure that each player is using and trading the same items and having the same advantages.

For players who were using proper items, they won't notice any changes to their existing weapons. However, those who have weapons with a mod, which can't be equipped naturally to a weapon, will notice a damage decrease and a missing mod.

Speaking of weapons, here are changes and improvements in the new update:

  • Ammunition:
    • The Explosive prefix on weapons only applies to bullets (Excluding Railway Spikes).
  • Ammunition:
    • Recoverable projectiles from the player's weapons are no longer able to be looted by other players.
  • Flamer:
    • Addressed an issue causing the Flamer to give false positive damage numbers when hitting enemies in VATS.
    • The Flamer now hits enemies during VATS more efficiently.
  • Mods:
    • The Auto-Axe and Chainsaw now show the number of mods unlocked at workbenches.
  • Melee :
    • The Cultist Dagger and Bowie Knife can now be modded.
  • Melee:
    • The Deathclaw Gauntlet and Meat Hook no longer use One Handed Weapon Perks.
    • They still benefit from Unarmed Perks.
  • Mods:
    • The Sleek Mod effect now stacks when applied to two pieces of leg armor.
  • Mr. Handy Buzzblade:
    • Reduced the VATS AP cost for Mr. Handy Buzzblade.
  • Rifles:
    • Assault Rifles now correctly have the Rifle classification regardless of how it is modded.
    • Radium Rifles now have an increased chance to learn mods when scrapped.
  • Thirst Zapper:
    • Fixed an issue that caused unlimited throwables with a Thirst Zapper equipped.
    • Fixed a bug where the water ammo for the Thirst Zapper appeared in the Favorites Wheel.

Don’t forget to check out the patch notes to learn all the changes and improvements. Fallout 76 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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