Fallout 76: The Nuka-World on Tour Has Arrived in Appalachia

Look what's arrived.
Look what's arrived. Bethesda

Attention to all those in Appalachia! The Nuka World on Tour is now live in Fallout 76, bringing the excitement of the Nuka-World theme park on the road. In this update, there's a carnival for everyone to enjoy complete with games, a trading post, and prizes.

Public Events

Let's start with the three new Public Events. In the first one, players can visit the traveling gunslinger Gunther and join the Most Wanted event where they get to play a Wild West-style robbery and shootout. Meanwhile, Spin the Wheel is a game show where players try if they can survive a gauntlet of challenges. Finally, in Tunnel of Love, players are asked to help the lovely Mr. Lovely in repairing this fairground standby.

Those able to complete Public Events earn rewards, including new weapons, clothing items, and C.A.M.P. decorations, to name a few.

Welcome to Nuka World

Nuka-World isn’t just about the traveling roadshow but also about a new Nuka-Cola-themed season. Visit various iconic locations like Dry Rock Gulch and Safari Adventure, and be sure to complete Daily and Weekly Challenges to earn Score and unlock new items.

Players can look forward to a new reward to the Scoreboard: the Scout’s Banner. As an honorary member of the Pioneer Scouts, players are entrusted with a banner they can raise during battle against NPCs to give them and their team members that extra boost to turn the tides of a tough fight. The banner grants one of these five bonuses when it is raised:

  • Battle Medic: Heal 20% HP
  • Battle Driven: Restore all AP
  • Battle Forged: Repair weapon condition by 10%
  • Battle Hardened: Repair armor condition by 10%
  • Battle Vision: Highlight enemies for 5 seconds

New Update

The Nuka-World Tour arrives in the game along with a new update that introduces a new quality-of-life feature: the free cam. In free cam mode, the camera is detached from the character so players can freely build at new heights and pan through walls, doors, windows, and floors.

Check out all the changes and fixes that arrived with the update here.

Fallout 76 is available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox One.

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