Get More Goodies from Fallout 76 Brotherhood Recruitment Bundle

Another set of goodies.
Another set of goodies. Bethesda

When Fallout 76 received the Steel Dawn update early, lots of players got surprised and were made happy. It seems things will keep going with another surprise in store for everyone. More goodies are coming with the latest Brotherhood Recruitment Bundle.

This bundle comes with these items:

  • Brotherhood of Steel Scouting Tower
    • Survey Appalachia for new threats and opportunities from this massive Scouting Tower.
  • Brotherhood of Steel Salute
    • Ad Victoriam, Brothers.
  • Brotherhood of Steel Barricade
    • One more tool to protect against the new dangers of Appalachia.
  • Brotherhood Tactical Field Pack
    • Never be caught unprepared with the Tactical Field Pack.
  • Brotherhood Barracks Locker
    • Keep your valuable finds safe and sound with the Barracks Locker.
  • Brotherhood Reclaimed Power Armor Paint
    • Use what you find and reclaim Appalachia.

In the Steel Dawn update, the Brotherhood of Steel arrived in Appalachia intending to establish their presence in the area. Leading them is the Paladin Leila Rahmani, and it’s up to players to make sure that their plans succeed. To help the Brotherhood reach their goal, players can work with or even against the other Factions.

The new update also allows players to meet new characters. But more importantly, there’s a brand-new story for everyone to follow. Though, the new storyline is only available for players of at least level 20.

C.A.M.P. Shelters

The new expansion introduces C.A.M.P. Shelters too. This is an extension of the C.A.M.P. system. It allows players to build and decorate their very own underground interiors. In essence, these are vaults that players can build on their C.A.M.P.

The Shelters are separate from the main C.A.M.P. So, players can only access them after completing the “Home Expansion” quest. Finishing the quest rewards players their first Shelter for free. But they have to buy extra layouts through the Atomic Shop.

For now, the Shelters only have one Vault theme. Other themes are in the works and will roll out in the future.

Extra Events

Besides the release of these goodies, separate events are happening as well. Starting today, Fallout 76 is launching Double S.C.O.R.E. Rewards. Until December 7, players can get twice the amount of S.C.O.R.E. from Daily and Weekly Challenges.

Then, there’s the latest Around Appalachia event. The theme for November is all about “Red and Orange!” Players simply need to take their best photos and submit them on December 21. For those who want to prepare, the theme for December is “Holiday Spirit.”

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