Fallout 76: Bethesda Announces Project Clean Appalachia, A Set Of Weekly Community Challenges For Players

Completing community challenges will also unlock stretch goals.
F76 Clean
Bethesda has officially announced Project Clean Appalachia, a set of weekly community challenges for Fallout 76. Bethesda

Bethesda has just announced an upcoming parade of community events for the online action role-playing game Fallout 76. Titled Project Clean Appalachia, the event will run for six weeks from September 10 to October 23.

The way Project Clean Appalachia works is that Bethesda roll out special community challenges weekly with corresponding rewards that can be obtained either just by being online during the week, or by completing challenges and their corresponding stretch goals. Freebies and sales for specific items are also be available during this time period.

Listed down below are the freebies and sales for each week and the community challenges that will be rolled out:

Atomic Shop Freebies and Sales:

  • Tripod Floor Lamp – September 10-16
  • Mid-Century Disc Lamps – September 17-23
  • Photomode Frame for Grafton and Grafton High Bed – September 24 - 30
  • Mr. Handy Player Icon – October 1- 7
  • Face Paint Bundle (Full Diamond, Full Eye Black, Full Eye Smudge)
  • Modern Art Statue – October 15–23
  • Summer Atom Bonus Bundle Sale – September 10 to October 9 (Contains 1000 + 500 bonus Atoms, Pint-sized Slasher Costume and Knife, 3 Repair Kits, and 3 Scrap Kits)

Weekend Events & Challenges

  • Double XP Weekend Across All Modes (September 12-16)
  • Clear the Skies (September 10 – September 23)
    • Take Down 100, 000 Scorchbeasts with the community. Reach 3 stretch goals to receive more rewards:
    • Stretch Goal Reward #1: Scorchbeast Player Icon
    • Stretch Goal Reward #2: Curly Bun Hairstyle
    • Stretch Goal Reward #3: Full Meat Week Returns (September 26 – October 3)
  • Meat Week(end): The Second Slice (September 26 – September 29 or September 26 – October 3, depending on Stretch Goal unlock)
  • Take out the Trash (October 1 – October 14)
    • Take down 8,000,000 Scorchbeasts with the community. Reach 3 Stretch Goals for more rewards:
    • Stretch Goal Reward #1: Honeybeast Player Icon
    • Stretch Goal Reward #2: Vault-tec Flamer Skin
    • Stretch Goal Reward #3: 50% discount during Legendary Vendor Sale (October 17 – October 21)
  • Legendary Vendor Murmrgh’s Mystery Pick (October 3 – October 7)
  • Legendary Vendor Community Sale (October 17 – October 21)

The event is currently live and if you’re curious as to how these will be tracked, you can follow the game’s official Twitter account to get updates on goal progress for all challenges.

Fallout 76 is now available to play on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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