Fallout 76 Patch 11 Preview - Here's All The Changes To Expect From The Next Big Update

Some aspects will be easier for the influx of new players and new characters.
In a new edition of Inside the Vault, Bethesda provides some new information on what to expect from the upcoming Patch 11 update.
In a new edition of Inside the Vault, Bethesda provides some new information on what to expect from the upcoming Patch 11 update. Bethesda

The surprising resurgence of Fallout 76 continues, and despite some hiccups to be found in the unsurprisingly unpopular battle royale mode, Bethesda continues to improve the game over time as it keeps finding more audience.

That much is evident with another iteration of Inside the Vault, where the studio announced another preview for an upcoming patch – this time centered on Patch 11, one of the big updates the game will undergo, and one Bethesda is keen on releasing later this month. A previous mention of Patch 11 had it so that it will be implemented in early July, but according to the post – the entirety of which can be read here – the update needed a little more time to cook in the oven before it’s rolled out. The new date for Patch 11 is sometime this mid-July, which begins this week.

All that said, let’s take a closer look at what we can further expect from Patch 11, as covered by Inside the Vault’s highlights.

  • Food and spoilage – Patch 11 will come with a bunch of improvements to how food will expire, placing focus on how much less worry will come when getting edibles with expiry dates. After the update hits, expect raw food items to last 50 percent longer before spoiling. Add that to the change for fast travelling, where doing so will no longer cause food and drinks to lose condition.
  • Easier experiences for new characters – The game’s resurgence in popularity also meant lots of new players making new characters. To help them enjoy the game better, Bethesda will be implementing a few adjustments to help both new and low-level characters by gradually introducing the game’s concepts instead of just dropping them outright. This means cheaper costs for fast travelling under level 25, and higher resistances under level 15. Likewise, some early-game challenge rewards will be replaced with items and supplies to help new players out. Also, expect some reduced creature difficulties in a few sub-regions within the Ash Heap, the Savage Divide, and Toxic Valley, all implemented so that players going out of the Forest for the very first time will see fewer encounters with higher-level enemies.
  • Improved item descriptions – Moving forward, legendary items, crafting recipes, and various item mods will get more descriptions. Specifically, legendary items will now display all their current attributes rather than just the first.
  • Power armor – Various bug fixes will be implemented towards Power Armor, in addition to some quality of life changes. For instance, the Stealth Boys skill can now be activated while you’re wearing Power Armor. An “Enable Power Armor HUD” option will also be added to Display settings, just in case you’d like to view the standard HUD while using your Power Armor.
  • Auto-scrapping of bulk junk – Following popular demand, the ‘Scrap All Junk’ option in Workbenches in will no longer scrap bulk junk items you’re saving.

Fallout 76 is now available to play on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Patch 11 is expected to come in the following days, so stay tuned here with us for the patch notes until then.

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