Fallout 76 Patch Notes: New Update Released In Preparation For Wastelanders

Some bug fixes before the big update.
Some bug fixes before the big update. Bethesda

Fallout 76 released an update in order to make some adjustments behind the scenes. This is in preparation for the upcoming Wastelanders update for the game. In addition, a few bugs were fixed as well.

The download size for Update on PC around 1 GB, and is 2.5GB on consoles.

Below are the general bug fixes included in the January 14 update:

  • Graphics
    • The Nuka Girl Helmet visuals have been updated to look correct when worn without the suit.
    • Corrected a visual issue affecting Camping Canopies.
  • C.A.M.P., Crafting, and Workshops
    • Collectrons: Enemies no longer targets the Santatron Bot.
    • Giant Neon Letters: Crafting Giant Neon Letters now correctly requires 2 Steel and 2 Glass.
    • Refrigerator: Toxic Soot Flowers and Frog Legs can now be correctly assigned to the Refrigerator.
    • Warning Signs: No longer count against the maximum number of lights the player can place in their C.A.M.P., as these signs are not lights.
  • Daily Challenges
    • The “Level up while in Vault 94” subchallenge for the “Level Up While…”
      • No longer incorrectly references Vault 96.
    • Crafting Psycho now correctly fulfills the requirements for the “Craft Psycho” and “Craft Different Kinds of Chems” Daily Challenges.
  • Items
    • Headwear
      • Gas Masks that can be found in-game no longer reduce Perception by 2.
    • Outfits
      • Fixed an issue that allowed the Fur-Lined Jacket and Jeans and the Nuclear Winter Beanie to be dropped or traded.
      • Backpacks now appear correctly while wearing the Thanksgiving Turkey Mascot Outfit.
      • Fixed an issue that caused the Sequin Dress to incorrectly appear as the Gala Dress.
    • Paints
      • Snowflake Armor Paint can no longer be favorited for use in Nuclear Winter matches.
        • For players that had marked this item as a favorite prior to this fix, the Nuclear Winter Favorite icon may still appear on this paint in the Atomic Shop.
  • Server Stability
    • Addressed an issue that could result in a server crash when removing items from a Display Case.
    • Addressed an issue that could result in a server crash when replacing Floors or Foundations.
  • Sound
    • Sound Effects
      • The Hero of the Great War Statue no longer plays Mothman sound effects in addition to its cannon sound effects when activated.
      • The Rustic Sink now correctly plays sound effects when drinking or collecting water.
    • Music
      • The Winter Vending Machine now correctly plays a tune while it is in use.
  • User Interface
    • Item Previews: Preview images for Plans no longer overlap portions of the HUD or other UI elements in the game menus.
    • Typos: Fixed typos in multiple item names and descriptions in the menus.

Nuclear Winter Bug Fixes

The new update also came with fixes for Nuclear Winter, which include:

  • C.A.M.P.
    • Activators: Removed activators from multiple C.A.M.P. objects that are not intended to be activated during Nuclear Winter matches.
  • Items
    • Magazines: The description for US Covert Operations #8 now correctly states that it increases Unarmed and Knife damage by 50%, rather than 25%.
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