Fallout 76: Let’s Explore The Watoga Underground

Double XP event coming up.
Learn more about this new area.
Learn more about this new area. Bethesda

Back in October of last year, Fallout 76 announced that the release of its Wastelanders update had been delayed to the first quarter of 2020. Despite that announcement, players and fans have become even more excited. This excitement increased even further when screenshots of the Wastelanders update were released. Recently, Fallout 76 shared more details about an upcoming location known as the Watoga Underground. Today we take a closer look at this vault.

Watoga, The City of the Future, envisioned a walkable and bustling metropolis where the streets were clear of any illegally parked automobiles as well as traffic and hit-and-run accidents. This is the reason why the city has been developed above a massive series of automated parking garage systems. With this, the goal was to ensure that the citizens would be able to drop off their cars and then store them in silos until they’re needed again.

When you reach Watoga, you'll probably see garage entrances scattered here and there. To drop off or pick up your car, all you need to do is simply enter your personal ID at one of the many conveniently located terminals and then the system will do the rest. It's not just about storing, as you can also order up maintenance or detailing. You can even buy a new car without the need to talk to a salesman. Then again, there are some services that are no longer available.

Double XP

There's also something exciting happening in the near future in Fallout 76, and it's none other than a Double XP event. The event starts on January 9 at 12:00 p.m. EDT and ends on January 13 at the same time.

Wastelanders Update

When Fallout 76 was first released last year, one of the things missing was NPC humans. One of the charms that made the franchise a delight to many has been talking and negotiation with other people in the wasteland. With this update, Fallout 76 is set to offer a new story quest, branching dialogue, and even choices and consequences. Players are also going to meet and interact with with two new human factions, the settlers and raiders. No solid release date has been confirmed as of yet for the Wastelanders update.

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