Fall Guys Sells Over 7 Million Copies On Steam

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It hasn't even been a month since Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockdown launched on PC and PS4 and the game has already sold over a whopping seven million copies on Steam. Fall Guys has also become the most downloaded game of all time on PS Plus.

The non-violent and goofy battle royale has topped the Steam charts on PC and Fall Guys has also been downloaded by millions of players on PS4. Additionally, the Fall Guys official Twitter page has gained over 1.3 million followers, and the game is also among the top watched games on Twitch.

As Fall Guys hits this remarkable milestone, publisher Devolver Digital took to Twitter to announce that the game has officially sold over seven million copies on the PC platform alone.

However, Sony hasn't disclosed the number of times the game was downloaded on PS4. But securing a deal with Mediatonic was a smart move on Sony's part. The deal allows anyone that is subscribed to Sony's PlayStation Plus annual subscription, which costs $60 annually, will be able to download the game completely for free through the end of August.

In 2015, Sony also struck a wonderful deal with Psyonix, making Rocket League free for PS Plus members. Rocket League went on to become a financial success, a competent esport, and now is set to go free-to-play with its jump to the Epic Games Store.

Even though Fall Guys has amassed a huge player base, the game is currently facing a major challenge — cheaters. However, Mediatonic seems to have a plan to deal with cheaters. According to the developer, players will no longer have to report individual cheaters. Instead, Mediatonic is tuning on anti-cheat detection, which will immediately kick out players mid-game that are caught cheating.

The developer also quickly fixed the loophole where some cheaters were able to use Steam's family sharing feature to get around bans. As the game has reached a stable phase where there aren't many server and matchmaking issues, we feel that it is the right time for Mediatonic to focus their attention on putting a stop to cheaters.

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