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It hasn't even been a month since Fall Guys launched, and developer Mediatonic is already talking about the game hitting mobile devices soon. However, it is also said that not everyone will be getting their hands on the mobile version of Fall Guys when it launches.

Bilibili, a Chinese publisher, has recently secured the rights for Fall Guys on mobile devices, but it's limited only to certain regions. Given how popular the game has become, many people want to play Fall Guys. The resulting popularity also led to the emergence of many Fall Guys scam games on mobile stores.

After the announcement, many people have been wondering why Fall Guys is coming to the Chinese market first. Other popular games like Fortnite have successfully made their way to mobile platforms and it makes sense that Fall Guys should also take a similar path and make the game available worldwide. Also, given how simplistic the game's controls are, it would be easier to adapt the game to the mobile platform.

Just after Bilibili announced that it acquired the rights for the mobile version of Fall Guys, the official Twitter page for Fall Guys stated that any ads for a current mobile version of the game are scams. Even though Bilibili announced the acquisition of the rights on its website, Mediatonic itself hasn't confirmed the news. Similarly, several rumors started surfacing across the internet claiming that Fall Guys will also be coming on Nintendo Switch. This is unconfirmed, so we all should wait until official sources mention anything.

Earlier, Mediatonic stated that the developer wishes to bring Fall Guys on a variety of platforms and enable cross-play. Now given how separate the Chinese video game market is from the Western market, it is possible that Bilibili might have struck a unique deal with Mediatonic, which has yet to be officially announced.

Fall Guys is currently available only on PC and PS4.

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