Fall Guys Now Free-to-Play; Xbox and Switch Versions Released

Fall Guys Free to Play
Fall Guys Free to Play Mediatonic

Fall Guys, a surprise hit game by Mediatonic, is now available to all players. You can now play the game for free on PC via Epic Games Store. Unfortunately, it has been removed from Steam, so you can’t purchase it there anymore. However, if you have already bought the game on Steam, don't worry because you'll still receive post-launch support from the developer.

Xbox, PS5, and Switch Release

Fall Guys is now available on more platforms, with the releases on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch today. A proper PS5 version is also available, which supports better loading time and DualSense features.

Free on All Platforms and Cross-Play

Fall Guys is now free-to-play on platforms, including consoles. Thanks to Epic Games Account, the game supports complete cross-play, cross-platform parties, and cross-progression. You can now play the game with your friends irrespective of the platform and transfer your PC progress to your console account.

Rewards for Purchasers

The developer isn’t ignoring those who bought the game before because they will receive several rewards, including multiple cosmetic items like an Ezio costume, Veggie Dog costume, additional nameplates, and more. They will also get access to the premium Season Pass of Season 1.

About the Game

Fall Guys was released on PC and PS4 in August 2020 and it received a positive reception from fans and critics. It was also a major financial success. The game was supported by several seasons that added more content, including new courses, cosmetics, and nameplates.

Improvement in Matchmaking

Even with all the post-launch support, the player base still dwindled. Getting into a match in some regions was extremely difficult. Thankfully, making the game free has solved that problem. I was able to get a match in the Asia server within seconds.

So what do you think? Are you interested in playing Fall Guys for free? Did you purchase the title when it was on Steam? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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