Fall Guys Is Gifting A Rare Unicorn Skin To Players For Putting Up With Cheaters

Fall Guys Unicorn
Fall Guys Unicorn Screen Rant

Even though Fall Guys has seen massive success since its release in early August, the game has also seen a fair share of cheaters ruining the experience for others. In a recent update, Mediatonic implemented a new anti-cheat system to keep cheaters at bay. But that's not all. The developer also apologized to the fanbase by giving away a free character outfit to everyone.

Mediatonic took to Twitter to announce that the new outfit will be added to everyone's inventory over the next few weeks. Mediatonic also stated that the outfit that is being given away is a rare alternate version of the unicorn outfit. Up until now, the only way fans could get the unicorn outfit was by purchasing the Collector's Pack. The original unicorn outfit features a rainbow color theme, but the one that's being given away comes with white and purple accents.

This is the second time that Mediatonic has given away a free costume to fans. The first free outfit was a cactus costume that was given away as an apology to fans for putting up with constant server crashes on the game's launch day. Fall Guys was being played by so many people that the game's server couldn't handle it. This led Mediatonic to take Fall Guys offline and address the server issues.

Recently, Fall Guys also received a mid-season update that added a new Big Yeetus hammer feature and anti-cheat measures. The Big Yeetus is a spinning hammer that spices up the experience by either sending players closer to the finish line or down to their doom. Fall Guys also adopted Fortnite's anti-cheat system, which should now reduce the appearance of cheaters in the game.

Fall Guys is also set to receive a medieval-themed Season 2 update in October. Season 2 will introduce new costumes, levels, and a brand-new Battle Pass.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available on PS4 and PC.

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