Fall Guys Update 1.07 Introduces Big Yeetus And Anti-Cheat Measures

Fall Guys Big Yeetus
Fall Guys Big Yeetus The SportsRush

A few weeks ago Mediatonic teased the Big Yeetus hammer for Fall Guys, and as part of today's Update 1.07, the hammer is now live in the game sending players across the finish or down to their doom. Not only that, but the 1.07 update has also implemented anti-cheat measures to keep the game free from cheaters on PC.

Since its release earlier last month, Fall Guys continues to become a fan-favorite game that features a care-free atmosphere. That doesn't mean that the game poses no challenge or requires no skill to win the crown. This recent update has remixed some of the mini-games, making them even more challenging and fun.

In addition to the Big Yeetus and anti-cheat measures, the new update also fixes some bugs and implements various optimizations. One of the highlights of these optimizations is that the spectator mode will now prioritize party members over random players.

Fall Guys on PC now uses Epic's Anti-Cheat system, the same one that's used in Fortnite. Multiplayer games are bound to have cheaters who ruin the experience for others, but having a strong anti-cheat system should make it quite challenging for cheaters to enter the game.

Furthermore, some mini-games in the game have also been revamped. Some race courses will now feature changes in obstacle placements. The popular Whirlygig level can now invert itself and players may find new obstacles towards the end of Slime Climb as well. In addition to these obstacles, some levels may randomly generate new obstacles to surprise players. However, the biggest highlight of the update is, of course, the Big Yeetus hammer, which packs a serious punch and it favors nobody. It can either send you across the finish line or shoot you straight to your elimination, so choose wisely.

Update 1.07 is said to be a mid-season update that comes to Fall Guys ahead of its Season 2 update, which is scheduled for October 6. Season 2 for Fall Guys is expected to introduce new medieval-themed cosmetics and levels.

Fall Guys is currently available on PC and PS4.

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