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The recently launched battle royale Fall Guys is already working on a feature to unite its entire playerbase. In an interview, developer Mediatonic confirmed that the team is currently working on crossplay between the available platforms.

The battle royale pits 60 players in a series of mini-games which involve obstacle clearing and teaming up with others to score qualifying points. Like with other battle royale games, only one player comes out at the top. Even though the game only released on Steam and PlayStation 4, it has already amassed a large playerbase which could grow even more if the game can also potentially launch on other platforms including Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

Since Fall Guys is currently available only on PC and PS4, cross-play should allow for quicker matchmaking. However, if you play the game across the different platforms, progress won't be shared between those accounts. We'll have to wait and see if cross-progression will also be added to the game. Even though we know that cross-play is coming to the game, there isn't a definitive release window as to when the update will arrive. Currently, Mediatonic is focused on smoothing out the Fall Guys servers to handle the overwhelming amount of players logging into the game

Fall Guys has only been out for a few weeks and the game has already received some important updates. Some of these updates were focused on rebalancing the amount of time certain popular mini-games appeared. Additionally, Fall Guys' senior designer Joe Walsh suggested that limited time playlists and new modes for Season Two are potential considerations.

In a recent update, Fall Guys received a new level called Jump Showdown, which is a variation of the popular Jump Club level.

Unfortunately, Fall Guys has also witnessed some hackers that speed through levels, ruining the game for everyone. Mediatonic has taken notice of these cheaters, but the developer has yet to implement an anti-cheat program.

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