Fae Tactics V1.005 Patch Notes: Bug Fixes, Game Changes

Fae Tactics Update
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Endless Fluff Games, the developer of tactical RPG game Fae Tactics, has introduced a lot of new gameplay changes and balances along with some bug fixes in the latest update. Some of the bug fixes include game crashing issues when the NPC dies in Emerald Hills South battle and cursor issues on multiple monitors. The developers have made a small change that teamwork no longer applies to assisting units. You can find the full patch notes over here.

Fae Tactics V1.005 Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:


  • Gremlin warlords mistakenly spawned in Desert Mouse Den free battles.
  • Some fixes cursor issues on multi-monitor setups.
  • Sunday bug fixed.
  • Party member lore text cut off in some languages.
  • Lucky day no longer increases the Lv of enemy units of the matching element.
  • True Sight enchant properly removes evasion chance from the tooltip.
  • Smaragden sequence break bug causing story event to disappear.
  • Gremlin King's outro scenes changed to fix crash that sometimes occurred.
  • Bug where Matilda's side quest begins its "countdown" before defeating Mirrar.
  • Crash when NPC dies in Emerald Hills South battle.
  • Bug where Resist can be penetrated by Charm and Silence.
  • Peony used incorrect attack animation when swapping weapons.


  • Early game enemy scaling extended further out on "Hard" mode.
  • Ring devices Def/Res bonus increased to eight per Lv.
  • Spirit Stabilizer device now also adds a new survival skill for summons.
  • Weekday now displayed during the battle planning phase.
  • NPC execute points set higher.
  • Clarify Matilda side quest fail conditions.
  • Various new methods of degrading Apex skill added.
  • Some skill descriptions adjusted for clarity.
  • Map wide spell talisman damage is reduced the further the target is from the caster.
  • Enemy targeted spells can be used on cloaked targets the same as the player.
  • Cloak now degrades after two turns. Cannot be refreshed while active.
  • Drain no longer adds to max Mb just Mb recovery.
  • Teamwork no longer applies to the assisting unit.
  • Various changes to enemies after round 20 danger trigger.
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