Fae Tactics Gets A July 31 Release Date For PC

The planned Switch version does not have a concrete release date as of yet.
Humble Games announced a July 31 release date for Fae Tactics on PC.
Humble Games announced a July 31 release date for Fae Tactics on PC. Humble Games

Publisher Humble Games and developer Endlessfluff Games have just announced the arrival of Fae Tactics for the PC via Steam. The turn-based strategy role-playing game was originally announced just a little over a month ago and is now slated to launch for the PC and Nintendo Switch.

Fae Tactics follows the adventures of magic wielder Peony and her journey across a magical world full of mysteries to uncover and challenges to take head on. Set in a fantasy world where magic exists, Fae Tactics’ story starts when the Elemental Gates, which separates the natural world from the world of magic, are broken, flooding the natural world with magical fae creatures which were once thought to be only the stuff of myths and legends. This unexpected merging of the natural and magical world was disastrous and left much of the land torn apart, with both the non-magical and fae creatures suffering losses. Those that have survived have now formed new lives in the ruins of the old worlds. But due to the growing tension between man and these fae creatures, conflict will eventually be inevitable and is expected to lead to the eradication of one or both of these races.

Included in the game’s features are its “unique” menuless turn based tactical gameplay that strives to make the game seem smooth and seamless as much as possible. Fae Tactics’ gameplay follows the usual formula of turn-based RPGs. Players will go through the story, explore the world, and throughout their travels will meet an assortment of unique characters that can either be rivals or companions. Different Fae creatures can be encountered, each with their own unique skills, spells, and strengths, and they can be collected to be part of your team and help strengthen you on your journey. Spells work the same way in that they are collected throughout your travels and will help you strategize your approach to the game depending on the encounters you face.

Fae Tactics is set to launch for the PC via Steam on July 31 and for the Nintendo Switch this coming Spring. No exact launch date and pricing news has been reported for the Switch version just yet.

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