Experimental Clicker Game Outpath: First Journey is Worth Checking Out

Outpath: First Journey is available on Steam and is free to play.
Outpath: First Journey is available on Steam and is free to play. Steam

When a game reaches an overwhelmingly positive review rating on Steam, it is definitely something worth checking out. One that has caught the attention of many players recently is the demo called Outpath: The First Journey. Read on to find out what this game brings to the table.

Although no exact release date has been revealed, the game is slated for launch in 2023 and will be officially called Outpath . Right now, the demo is billed as a prologue chapter and is pretty much a peek into what the game really offers when its official version releases. So far, it has raked in “Overwhelmingly Positive” reviews. While it might appeal better to fans and players of games like Forager, it can easily win the hearts of those fond of idle-clicker or survival-crafting titles.

In Outpath, players are meant to gather resources and craft tools but with layers of automation readily available. This function basically allows your base to collect resources and craft tools without you, and as your resources increase, you are able to buy more islands. The interesting part here is that the game wants you to idle in a way almost similar to the likes of Forager, Minecraft, or Satisfactory (though not necessarily the same in concept or design). Basically, the goal the developers are trying to achieve here is a combination of these games’ styles.

You can say that the feel of the game is akin to Forager but the 3D environment and extremely laid-back gameplay are making a huge difference. Of course, if you compare it with other games in a similar genre, you can notice it is not quite polished. After all, it is still a demo, albeit already showing potential.

If you are fond of the games mentioned above, you can easily fall in love with Outpath: The First Journey. If you are the type who loves to check why games like this on Steam received an overwhelmingly positive review rating, then you are in for a treat. But if you would rather wait for the full version, you have to check it out next year. Really though, what is stopping you from checking out a demo especially when it is free to play? If you are interested, head over to Steam and download the game for free.

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