Forager To Get A Physical Release For The PS4 And Switch On September 10

A digital release for both platforms will roll out by the end of the month.
The open-world crafting title Forager will also see a physical release for the PS4 and Switch on September 10.
The open-world crafting title Forager will also see a physical release for the PS4 and Switch on September 10. HopFrog

A few weeks ago, developer Hopfrog’s plans on moving their open-world crafting adventure game, Forager to the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch got some attention. Initially, Forager was only expected to be out on each platform’s respective digital stores on July 30, but as announced just recently by distributor Nighthawk Interactive, a physical edition release is soon to be on its way for the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch.

The title was first released on Steam back in April, where it currently holds a 'Very Positive' rating. Forager is definitely more than its name suggests; described as an open-world crafting game, Forager gives you one goal: Go do whatever you want. Unrestricted by storylines, Forager provides players a huge world to mine, gather, build and trade in. With a focus on gameplay freedom, the game encourages its players to follow multiple skill paths and playstyles. You can either become a Gatherer that forages for all sorts of resources, or a Farmer if you want to settle down by growing and harvesting different fruits and vegetables. Being a Merchant is also a viable trade, as well as being an Adventurer by going on raids and living by looting, or just be a Builder and create a huge base out of nothing. If nothing from the aforementioned choices piqued your interest, then become whatever you want!

The game is fun enough as it is for newbies to the genre, but much more so for those who enjoy crafting and grinding for resources and items. Although the game lacks a plot or storyline to hold everything together, its multitude of playstyles allows hours upon hours of replayability. Holding deserved comparisons to genre giants such as Terraria and Stardew Valley, it’s no question that Forager can definitely stand its ground, from its gameplay to its aesthetics.

Forager’s physical edition release will be available on September 10 in North America and September 13 in Europe for $29.99, as announced by distributor Nighthawk Interactive. The physical edition will include an exclusive poster and a set of stickers. It’s currently available for pre-order at GameStop.

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