The Expeditions Update for The Survivalists Now Live on Consoles

It's a new adventure.
It's a new adventure. Team17

The Expeditions Update for The Survivalists is finally out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. This update has already been released on PC through Steam. It brings with it new content like new trinkets, quests, pets, and Taskmasters.

One of the interesting additions it brings is the more than 40 new Trinkets. With the update, players can now equip four of them at a time. They give different buffs like burning damage, shield, and even damage reduction.

New as well is the four Taskmasters which are just lurking in the islands. They’re going to offer themed tasks that when completed, give rewards that can help players. There are at least 50 new challenges, each one offering a unique reward. The four Taskmasters are Beastmaster, Collector, Gourmand, Salesman.

Other new things arriving in the game are:

  • 5 New Pets
    • Players can find an egg and if nurtured, gain a companion to keep them company.
  • New Animals
    • 2 new animals, one of which is a "loot goblin."
  • New Items
    • There are many new items to be found that support the new features.
  • Mob Variants
    • New harder Orclings can be now found, especially on Skull Island.
  • New collectibles
    • Over 10 new collectibles to find and new items to craft to find them.
  • New items and resources
    • New items, recipes, and resources have been added to support new features.
  • New Currency
    • ​Mysterious tokens can sometimes be offered as a reward from the Taskmasters.
  • ​New Token Shop
    • Unlock via tasks the right to purchase powerful trinket recipes from the new Token Shop.

View the new content and changes that arrived with the update here.

The Survivalists offer players a world of adventure on an island. To survive, players need to hunt for food and of course, not be hunted. They also need to keep a close eye on mythical enemies.

Key features of the game are:

  • Play together and survive: Up to four players can join forces to explore the world of The Survivalists, helping each other out to stay alive.
  • Get crafty and be inventive: Various items great and small can be crafted, from weapons to tools and buildings to keep your crew sheltered.
  • Automate with monkeys: Enlist the help of monkeys for many tasks, including protecting your group and gathering resources.
  • Curiosity is rewarded: Players are encouraged to explore their surroundings where they’ll encounter dangerous wildlife, mythical enemies, and tantalizing secrets.
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