The Survivalists Confirmed For An October 9 Release For Consoles And PC; Demo Now Out For Switch And PC

An Apple Arcade version is also in the works, with the release date yet to be announced.
Team17 will release The Survivalists for consoles and PC on October 9.
Team17 will release The Survivalists for consoles and PC on October 9. Team17

Publisher Team17 has formally dated their upcoming solo and co-op survival crafting game The Survivalists for an October 9 release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. Besides the usual slew of consoles and PC, expect the survival crafting title to also make its way to Apple devices via Apple Arcade, Apple’s own gaming subscription service.

The Survivalists is Team17’s take on the long-running genre, but utilizes one of the publisher's other games as a framework for a unique approach and art style. Those who are familiar will instantly recognize it as derivative of The Escapists, another Team17 title that puts you in the shoes of an inmate trying to escape prisons of varying sizes and features. The Survivalists, however, grapples with survival as you – and a bunch of friends, should you choose to play co-op – try to survive a harsh island with tons of secrets and mysteries to discover. Check out the release date trailer for The Survivalists below.

The Survivalists features a dynamic day/night cycle to challenge your runs at survival, in addition to hunting – or being hunted by – the beasts that roam the island. A wide array of mythical enemies also stands in your way, all none too pleased to see you invading their space. To break the monotony of scavenging for food and other resources, there is also a quest giver in the form of a Mysterious Stranger, or you can find others washed up on the shore. The island is also procedurally generated, giving runs much-needed diversity so that no two are the same.

The game also lets you play with up to three people, so that you can share your island life and various shenanigans with them. If friends are not enough, you can always count on the island’s indigenous residents – the monkeys. These primates can take the role of a builder, a lumberjack, or even a soldier, allowing you to form your very own troupe to take on the many challenges of the island. The Survivalists features a Mimic System that allows you to imprint a wide variety of functions to your monkeys.

The Survivalists is set to release on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC via Steam on October 9, as well as on an unspecified date for Apple Arcade. You can get a demo for the game on PC and Switch to check it out for yourself.

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