Upcoming Expansion Pack for House Party is All About a Murder Mystery

Prepare for a new experience.
Prepare for a new experience. Eek! Games

For a lot of players, House Party has always been about partying the way they want to. But an upcoming expansion is set to shake things up. In the Murder Mystery expansion pack, everyone is going to be introduced to an unnamed renowned cosplayer, actress, streamer, and model. However, when she arrives, don’t expect it’s everything fun and games.

That's because the lights will go out with terror breaking following after. Then, unsolved mysteries come to light and players will experience a new branching original story addition, bringing an astonishing crime to the party.

Developer Eek! Games is upping the ante by saying that this upcoming expansion pack is going to bring the game back to its roots. So, players can look forward to seeing more edgy explicit content.

A Special Guest

However, that's not the only thing to be excited about from this new content. Like the Doja Cat expansion pack released in September last year, this new expansion is also going to have a special guest. While it has not yet been revealed who this special guest is, there have been some teasers being put out. For those who want to know who it is, they'll have to wait until March when this special guest introduces themselves in a custom costume.

Excited About the Reactions

In a statement, House Party creator Bobby Ricci revealed that in addition to the Doja Cat expansion pack being huge, the game's seasonal events have been fun. He added that they're now working with the game's most on-brand influencer yet. He went on to say that they're excited to see how players will react to her story.

Ricci also shared that the new guest not only has so much love for the game but also the players. According to Ricci, she wanted to let the patrons vote on her casual outfit in the game and the fans choose a risqué outfit.

House Party is an edgy comedy adventure game inspired by classic comedies of the '90s. The choices made, actions taken, and conversations have an impact on the story. The game takes place during a wild night at a friend’s house. So far, the game has 15 personality-packed characters plus a growing list of self-voiced celebrity guests with the likes of pop superstar Doja Cat, famous comedians the Game Grumps, and even online influencer LetyDoesStuff.

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