Executive Assault 2: Remap Keys Now Possible in Beta Update 0.761.8.2

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The real-time strategy and first-person shooter hybrid Executive Assault 2 has a new patch that can be accessed on the game’s beta branch. Beta Update 0.761.8.2 brings a lot of new features, including the ability to remap keys.

It is now possible to remap keys in Executive Assault 2. According to developer Hesketh Studio, the feature was not implemented on the main branch yet because the company wants to make sure that it would work on foreign keyboards without a hitch. So, if you want to use your custom keybinds, you can now do so in Beta Update 0.761.8.2.

AI is also extensively used in the game, which is why it only makes sense for the developer to improve it. In this patch, the AI is now better at everything, such as capturing outposts and speeding things up with faster promotions and cheaper units.

In addition, the Industrial faction no longer needs to mine carbon using excavators. This is because the excavators have been replaced with a far more efficient Deep Core Drilling Plant, which gives much more carbon. The reason for this change is that the faction already had plenty of things to mine in space compared to other groups.

Here are the other changes that the latest patch brings:

  • Defenses are more a thing with the Industrial getting an expensive space cannon which is their base defense.
  • Probes are stronger, base shields are stronger, and the base deflector lasts longer
  • HQ defenses are now heavy weapons again.
  • Walkers are now much bigger as they were too slow walking across the map.
  • Troop transports now come with Bane tanks when researched
  • Heavy weapons now have much worse aim compared with light weapons making them poor against fighters
  • Carriers now carry 3 fighters and 2 bombers.
  • The ships have now got an improved explosion effect with debris
  • Protestors no longer get attracted to goods being made and now only get angry again if you sell them as they were going a bit overboard
  • Special long-range ships have been added to science and spy, Longbow and Javelin class
  • Can now call an OOPS ship to pick up your goods but you only get the prestige and not the money for that
  • Tritanium and Xeo gas research now comes with the promotion so no need to research it as it was an annoyance
  • Waste tanks don't need to be researched with the cap removed.
  • Improved explosions
  • Executrons can now reboot structures for 60 seconds after hacking into the display terminal, I might increase this to 2 minutes.
  • Map creator border has been expanded downwards so you can now make more balanced-looking maps
  • Spaceship boost is now the Left shift key and not double tapping W.
  • Executrons now respawn at the last command station they visited.
  • Command outposts now have a fighter launch bay.
  • Endgame stats have been added.

If things go well, Hesketh Studio will bring these changes to the main branch soon.

Executive Assault 2 Beta Update 0.761.8.2 is available on PC.

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