Executive Assault 2: Maps and a Host of Other Improvements Added in Update 0.756.3.0

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Update 0.756.3.0 for Executive Assault 2 is now available. This patch introduces maps and a host of other improvements, including server migration and an AI CEO, among others.

Executive Assault 2 is a unique game because you can seamlessly transition from real-time strategy mode to first-person shooter and vice versa. Do you want to command a fleet in space to attack your enemies? Then the RTS mode is the one suited for you. Or perhaps you want to dive right in and blow stuff up yourself? There’s an FPS mode specifically for that as well. There’s also the Executron mode where you can play the game with your friends, where one assumes the role of a CEO and the others are the soldiers on the battlefield.

Anyway, Update 0.756.3.0 implemented a bunch of new improvements. For one, there’s now a base map and a minimap added to the first-person mode. Just press and hold “M” to access the base map.

In addition, it’s now possible to host games where the CEO is controlled by AI in Executron mode. This is quite good actually since you no longer have to find someone to assume that role in the said game mode. This is also perfect if you and your friends just want to blast things to oblivion rather than controlling things from afar.

On top of that, you no longer have to worry about a host leaving the multiplayer session abruptly because the game now migrates over to the next player (who will become the new host), saving the entire session from being ruined.


  • Added Executron message system so can now see most of the CEO's messages
  • Tele beaming effects have been fixed in teleport for Executrons
  • Can now manually fly into wormholes again
  • Wormholes now appear in RTS and galactic map screens
  • Added line in the galactic map to show wormhole connections
  • Space turrets set to self-destruct will no longer draw power when at green alert
  • If you are a Spy and capture an outpost it will now add the teleporter to it, equally another faction capturing it will make it vanish
  • Landing fighters manually will now turn off the shields
  • Crates dropped while spacewalking will no longer be affected by gravity
  • Spy units now have hacking percentage displayed since they don't have a multitool
  • Hacked alert now occurs once the terminal has been hacked rather than at the start of the hacking process

The full patch notes for Update 0.756.3.0 can be found on Steam.

Executive Assault 2 is available on PC.

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