Epic Might Have Finally Fixed Battle Pass XP Issue In Fortnite

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Players may now level up their Battle Pass.
Players may now level up their Battle Pass. Epic Games

For most Fortnite players, buying the game’s Battle Pass has become something of a tradition. However, during the first season of the game’s Chapter 2, players noticed that it has become a lot more complicated to level up their Battle Pass. Thankfully, it seems Epic Games has finally found a fix to this troublesome feature.

The change to the Battle Pass came via an update called patch v11.01. While players are still wondering what the new Fortnite update is all about, since the studio has rarely released patch notes this season, Redditors were quick to find out that the XP amounts granted for completing some in-game objectives have significantly increased.

The punch card, in particular, is basically a list of milestones that players can reach every now and then. But unlike before, it now gives up to 96,000 XP per day. This is a huge development considering it only granted 24,000 XP when Chapter 2 of Fortnite launched. As for weekly challenges, it now grants 520,000 for completion, a dramatic jump from its initial 140,000 XP amount (although this will not necessarily bring changes to the XP amounts for the challenges that are already out).

As far as these same calculations are concerned, it will take at least eight million XP for players to reach tier 100. While it is true that the old system requires a massive commitment for the fully leveled-up pass, this feat now seems to be more achievable than before. Considering there are some remaining weeks of challenges and a handful of daily medals to gather, it is more likely that getting these two things alone should be enough for players to reach tier 100 before the new season ends.

Suffice to say, the changes Epic Games made to Fortnite should give players more chances at completing their Battle Pass. But despite the fact that it is now easier to earn XP, the Battle Pass will still remain a commitment that not every player will obtain. Nonetheless, this should still make all of those highest tier rewards feel more special to players who are able to earn them.

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