Enjoy New Scenarios as the Timelines Expansion Arrives to X4: Foundations

Prepare to enjoy a new storyline. Egosoft

The latest expansion for X4: Foundations has finally arrived. Get ready for a lot of new content with Timelines. One of these is the new storyline where players get to find various scenarios where they get to experience different aspects of the gameplay. Playing the scenarios results in new missions being unlocked along with the chance to obtain bonuses like reimagined and classic ships from X universe history.

The new storyline in particular puts players in the role of one Harper Donel. As a trader in the border territories, Harper isn't averse when it comes to risky deals. However, a fateful encounter not only changes Harper's short-term plans but also shakes the very understanding of the universe.

Welcome New Content

As mentioned, the new expansion introduces a lot of new content to the game. Aside from the new storyline there's also the reimagined Teladi and Argon Capital Ships. With this the universe of the game not only becomes more vibrant but also is more intricate. These iconic vehicles have received overhauls and now feature designs which add a new layer of depth as well as intrigue when it comes to space encounters. As players take command of the helm of these ships, they'll learn that each battle and exploration bring with it that renewed sense of awe and strategy.

Expanded Universe

With the universe being expanded, players can look forward to new sectors and landmarks which invite them to explore previously uncharted regions. The new discoveries not only expand the horizon of the players and offer them bigger opportunities but also feature new adventures along with new mysteries that's simply waiting to be unraveled.

Completing the expansion is the addition of manager offices that are race specific. This should allow for a better cultural insight when it comes to the different factions present in the universe. It also lets players personalize even further their spacefaring experience.

There's also the new Observation Deck module which gives players truly breathtaking views of the universe but experience it from the comfort of their space station.

What do you think? Ready for Timelines? In addition to a new expansion the 7.00 update was also released which you can learn more about here.

X4: Foundations and the Timelines expansion is available for the PC via Steam.

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