The Second Expansion for DayZ Brings You to the Frostline this Fall

Dayz Frostline
Can you survive the cold? Bohemia Interactive

Bohemia Interactive announced that they're currently working on the second expansion for DayZ. Titled as "Frostline," it invites everyone to explore a new terrain. There's also going to be new content which is sure to push the players and skills to the limit. The expansion is expected to come out in Fall 2024.

The highlight of this upcoming expansion is the Sakhal terrain. With an area that spans more than 80 km2, it's an area that's both rugged and desolate. What makes this one different from the previous locations is that players take on the role of a survivor that's seeking refuge. However, what awaits them is an unforgiving environment that's been frozen in time and climate. While there's no question that Sakhal is indeed brutal, there's also beauty present with its frozen lakes, frosty peaks, and the snow-draped forests.

Making things even more difficult is that the proximity of the terrain to volcanic regions increases the hazards. Each new challenge present in the new expansion is sure to slow down progress and sure to force players to make changes to their playstyles. To increase the chances of survival, players have to adapt much like the new region-specific wildlife species that's already acclimated to the cold. The good news is that the winter-themed cosmetics are sure to help.

Overall, here are key features that players can look forward to with this upcoming expansion:

  • New Terrain: Discover an untouched archipelago where time stands still.
  • Winter Landscape: Experience a late winter setting.
  • Harsher Survival: Manage warmth and hunt for sustenance.
  • Environmental Hazards: Discover the hazards of living near volcanic areas.
  • Richer Wilderness: Meet new wildlife species that have adapted to the cold.
  • New Gameplay Mechanics: Take on new diseases and an enhanced fishing mechanic.

Winter Cosmetics: Dress for the season with winter-themed cosmetics.

You can wishlist the Frostline expansion on Steam now.

DayZ is a gritty, authentic, and open-world survival horror hybrid-MMO game. The game only sets one goal for players which is to find a way to survive in the harsh post-apocalyptic landscape for as long as they can. There are also events happening every now and then that can result in emotions arising. In this game, every decision matters and there are no save games as well as no extra lives.

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