Earn Cool Rewards With The Overwatch Tracer’s Comic Challenge

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It's Tracer everyone.
It's Tracer everyone. Blizzard

Overwatch has launched the Tracer’s Comic Challenge. This limited-time event is going to run from September 15 all the way through to September 28. Players get a chance to receive as much as nine new rewards and do it in different ways.

Play and Earn

This new event offers special comic-themed content that can be unlocked in-game. The rewards can be earned by winning Quick Play, Competitive Play, or Arcade matches. For the Arcade in particular, these event rewards are considered as a bonus in addition to the normal earnings.

Here’s how you can earn the different rewards:

  • Win three games
    • Reward: Comic Book Tracer Player Icon
  • Win six games
    • Reward: Tracer Quote Me Spray
  • Win nine games
    • Reward: Comic Book Tracer Skin

Earn by Watching

It’s not all playing, as there is also the chance to unlock additional rewards by simply watching Twitch streamers before, during, or even after matches. Simply tune in to any Twitch streamer as they’re playing Overwatch within the event to get Traver’s Comic Challenge sprays that come with sound effects.

In order to get the rewards, players need to link their Blizzard account to their Twitch account. If you’re wondering who to watch, here are some suggestions:

Here are the rewards that you can earn:

  • Watch two hours of participating streams
    • “BLINK!” Spray
  • Watch four hours of participating streams
    • “ZAP!” Spray
    • “POW!” Spray
  • Watch six hours of participating streams
    • “BANG!” Spray
    • “WHACK!” Spray
    • “PEWPEW!” Spray

Learn More About Tracer

In addition to the rewards offered, players and fans can also enjoy the new comic titled Tracer – London Calling.

The story follows Tracer as she ends her time as an Overwatch agent. It has been five years since the Petras Act has been ratified, resulting to Tracer continuing to do good as a part-time hero, though focusing mainly on small-scale crimes. Things change when an omnic known as Iggy shows her the horrible living conditions forced on the omnics of London. Being the hero that she is, Tracer is more than determined to help in whatever way she can, even if it means being back in the crosshairs.

The story is written by Mariko Tamaki and illustrated by Babs Tar. This is going to be the first of five parts. You can read the digital version here.

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