Dysmantle: Dentured Fangs and Berserker Charm Now Upgradable in Update 23

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The developers of the survival game Dysmantle have launched Update 23 which makes two specific trinkets upgradable.

Dentured Fangs and Berserker Charm are two trinkets that players can use in Dysmantle. Dentured Fangs is a trinket that reduces the player’s max HP by 75% when worn. But this is compensated by giving the wearer the ability to regain some health back every time they hit the enemy successfully.

On the other hand, the Berserker Charm is a good trinket for those who like to be up close and personal with their foes. That’s because this trinket gives 20% additional melee damage against monsters. This also blocks 30% of the damage received.

That said, both Dentured Fangs and Berserker Charm trinkets are now upgradable, meaning that their effects become stronger the higher their upgrade level is. These trinkets have also been rebalanced.

Update 23 brings other notable changes as well. For instance, plant beds can now be destroyed with a shovel. In addition, players now respawn at the home shelter if they die three times consecutively in a short period.


  • New spit attack pattern for the "Puker"
  • Performance improvements
  • Language menu sets cursor focus over current language
  • Buffed the "Leaper" enemy damage on all attacks a bit as the enemy was underperforming compared to specs
  • Buffed trinket effects for "Shock Absorber" and "Rabbit's Foot"
  • The collection now shows zero for materials that the player does not carry or have in the storage
  • It is now possible to walk through a dead co-op player
  • Invention notification now makes a sound
  • Hunting rifle now has modifiers for all upg levels (conceptually a high crit dmg and chance weapon)
  • Added fishing XP buff modifier to "Tackle" and fixed some faulty modifiers
  • Invent screen has less empty space around the grid
  • Faster material pick up (more materials picked up at once)
  • Not possible to destroy the "Fortress" entrance doors through the main gate anymore
  • Fixed an issue with the "Ark" level 2 door not opening when it should
  • "Riot Shield" HP now shown correctly after quick swap
  • Materials do not disappear anymore when starting a co-op game when saving is not possible
  • "Arcade is dead" cabinet can now be searched only once
  • Fixes to faulty positioning of co-op player spawns
  • Fixed discrepancies between some texts and voiceovers not matching
  • Fixed slider value changing with gamepads and keyboard
  • Fixed Crowbar missing most of its upgrade effects
  • Fixed main quest getting stuck by not acknowledging all the found fuel cells

Dysmantle Update 23 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mac, and PC.

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