Dysmantle: Update 22 Adds the Survivor’s Text Log and Quick Swap Items Menu

Dysmantle Update 22
Dysmantle Update 22 Steam

Did you miss any conversations on your last session in Dysmantle? To address this, the developers have added the Survivor’s Text Log screen in Update 22, which was released not long ago.

The screen presents all recent texts in-game: bulletin boards, notifications, the protagonist’s thoughts, etc. If you’ve been preoccupied with other things and have missed a few key pieces of information, go to the Survivor’s Log to read the texts again. Do take note that the text log only covers the things that have been said in your current game session, meaning that they will disappear once you save and exit.

Survivor's Text Log
Survivor's Text Log Steam

In addition, Update 22 introduces another highly requested feature - active item swapping. After unlocking all of the four tool slots, cycling through the items by pressing the item button repeatedly is definitely a time-consuming endeavor. Well now, you can long-press the item button and the game pauses to open up the “Swap Items” menu, giving you quick access to the things that you need the most.

Swap Items Screen
Swap Items Screen Steam


  • Performance optimizations
  • Camera distance slider
  • Caribou can now be tamed
  • Woodpile drops more wood
  • Storage Box Upgrade available sooner (level 8 after crafting the Sleeping Bag)
  • Builder's Kit requires Fabric instead of Iron
  • Breaking foliage, tableware, or farmables don't cause freeze-frame effect
  • Allow using the gamepad’s D-Pad for navigating the “CarriedMaterials” screen
  • Smelters and Sawmill can now use carried materials
  • Lowered smelter and sawmill build costs to further encourage building multiples of them
  • Lowered amounts needed to refine most materials, but increased the time to complete
  • Roughly doubled the amount of "fuel" provided by refining building fuel sources
  • Red-blue color-blind friendly player colors in color blind mode
  • Increased map cursor speed and tweaked its sensitivity when using a gamepad
  • Crash related to loading new areas
  • In case the player did not get a fuel cell drop from killing the bosses, installing fuel cells should still be possible if bosses are dead
  • Fixed an issue with the "Volcanic Trail" quest where the player did not light up the campfire at Vulcan
  • Changed the tomb "Shining passageway" a bit so the player can't get stuck
  • Added POI markings to a couple of quests that were missing them
  • Campfire menu Inventory button opens the inventory for the correct co-op player
  • Crash when loading a save with too many times fished (over 6,000 fishes)

Dysmantle Update 22 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mac, and PC.

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