Dota 2 Plus Update Lets You Avoid Players

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Valve introduces the Avoid Player option in Dota 2 Plus.
Valve introduces the Avoid Player option in Dota 2 Plus. Valve

Valve has updated the Dota 2 Plus subscription service this week with a slew of new features, most of which have been obtained from the Battle Pass for The International 9. If there is one feature that interests players the most, it is none other than the Avoid Players option.

As the name already suggests, the feature lets you avoid players you dislike. It is not exactly a new feature, though, as it has been added to the game via the TI9 Battle Pass earlier this year. The idea behind it is pretty straightforward – allowing players to avoid players they dislike playing with or against in a match.

The Avoid Player option became popular immediately. Sooner or later, Dota 2 players were starting to not play with or against others they had a bad experience with. Considering how effective it was, it makes sense for Valve to bring the feature back.

It holds true that most Dota 2 Plus subscribers are happy with the return of the Avoid Player option. Unfortunately, players who do not subscriber to the service are, obviously, a little bit annoyed with the decision. There are cases when you can easily be matched with the same player in consecutive matches. And if they are not exactly the type of teammates you are looking for, then you can easily burn two or more hours without experiencing any MMR progress.

To have to pay in order to use this feature is certainly annoying. It is a feature, according to most Dota 2 players, that Valve should have made available to everyone.

Apart from the Avoid Option, the studio also brought other key features from the TI9 Battle Pass to Dota 2 Plus. These include creep pull timers, damage type breakdown, and ward suggestions. It is safe to say that these features are minor compared to others, but they definitely give Dota 2 Plus subscribers an advantage over others. These features simply give subscribers more resources and tools to make their experience much better.

While Dota 2 has never been a game that shares the same elements as a pay to win title, some players are starting to believe otherwise. And for them, these features are just the stepping stones.

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