Dota 2 TI10: Our Picks for the Initial Matches of the Main Event

Who's making it to the next round?
Who's making it to the next round? Twitter/@wykrhm

The International is the biggest event of Dota 2. It has the top teams fighting to see who gets to stand tall around everyone else. This year, the champion gets to take home around $18 million.

The Group Stage has just finished and it has shown us some truly interesting matches and plays. With the Main Event starting tomorrow, we can expect to watch more excellent games. Today, we give our picks for the initial matches of the Main Event.

Upper Bracket: Invictus Gaming vs. Team Spirit

There’s no doubt that the performance of Spirit was impressive at the Group Stage. It could be because they felt they weren’t treated right and had to prove themselves. We’re giving this one to Invictus Gaming, however, who has been showing more consistent results.

Upper Bracket: Team Secret vs. OG

Team Secret has been doing well during the regular season as well as the Group Stage. OG, meanwhile, looks like they are back to form with their performance. We’re picking the two-time champion in this match-up because they seem to be having fun and when that happens, OG is truly a team to watch out for.

Upper Bracket: PSG.LGD vs. T1

Most people are sure to pick PSG.LGD and we don’t blame them. Like Evil Geniuses, they are the ones considered as having the chance to grab the Aegis. PSG.LGD had the advantage in their previous match-ups so it’s likely going to continue. PSG.LGD may win this but they won’t have it easy.

We admit that there is a tiny part of us hoping that T1 gets the break this time around.

Upper Bracket: vs. Vici Gaming

Consistency is the name of the game and always seems to have problems when it comes to the Playoffs. That alone is a reason for us to pick Vici Gaming.

Lower Bracket: Team Undying vs. Fnatic

Undying is another team that surprised us with their performance. Look at their Group Stage performance, their two losses were against and T1. That tells us they may have problems adjusting to the style of the SEA. We’re going with Fnatic for this match.

Lower Bracket: Quincy Crew vs. Team Aster

Despite an impressive regular season, Aster hasn’t been performing as expected in TI10. The same can be said for QC. That being the case, we’ll choose Quincy Crew to win this one.

Lower Bracket: Beastcoast vs. Alliance

Alliance has started to falter while Beastcoast has been more consistent. So, Beastcoast it is.

Lower Bracket: Evil Geniuses vs. Elephant

These are two strong teams that unfortunately had to meet in the Lower Brackets. With the first round having only one game, we’re giving the advantage to Evil Geniuses.

Who are your picks for the first round?

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