Dota 2: Prepare to Use Meteorite Power in the New Nemestice Event

Try out this new event.
Try out this new event. Valve

With The International 10 just two months away, a new update for Dota 2 has been released. This one adds, among other things, a new free event titled "Nemestice."

If you’re not familiar with Dota 2 lore, the story goes that after the destruction of the Mad Moon, fragments of Radiant Ore and Direstone came crashing down to the world. However, there was actually a third type of stone, called the Nemestice, that was left drifting behind.

It’s been said that a time comes when a Nemestice Storm arrives on the battlefield. Arc Warden, as it turns out, has a compass that shows where that storm is going to hit. Those who can get the fragments from crashing meteorites are guaranteed power that rivals even that of Radiant Ore and Direstone.

Nemestice Gameplay

So how does this event work? The base gameplay is like your typical game except that the map is a bit different. Another change is that every three minutes, the Nemestice Storm will cause a giant meteorite to fall in the center of the map. Once the meteorites drop, approach them and then channel to get Nemestic Embers. By the way, be sure to avoid falling meteorites.

As you collect Nemestice Embers, you get Embercharge which can boost movement speed, amplify spells, and improve attack damage. If you can get enough Embercharge, you may even “shock” opponents.

To win, you need to destroy all the towers of the other team. There’s a catch though, since each time a tower is destroyed, its power is dispersed to the remaining towers. That means that the remaining allied towers become stronger. In addition, Nemestice-crazed creeps will join the battle.

New Technical Feature

The update that introduces Nemestice also brings support for AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution. This now lets you render the game at a lower resolution and upscale it, which should result in better image quality. Plus, it also gives a high-quality rendering at a lower performance cost compared to full resolution rendering. With this, higher frame rates are possible even on less powerful graphics cards.

To enable this setting, go to Video options then:

  • Turn “Game Screen Render Quality” to less than 100%

  • Turn on the “FidelityFX Super Resolution” checkbox

However, AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution only works on any GPU compatible with DirectX 11 or Vulkan. Go ahead and try it out.

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