Dota 2’s Latest Update Hopes to Make it Easy for New Players to Learn

Ready to welcome new players?
Ready to welcome new players? Valve

Today is an exciting day for many Dota 2 fans with Dragon’s Blood being officially released on Netflix. With the game entering a new medium, there is the expectation from the community that new players may want to try the game.

It seems that Valve is likely thinking the same thing as it released a new update, which hopes to help new players learn more about Dota 2. There’s a lot of new features so we’ll take a look at some of them.

New Mode

Since its official release, several modes have been made available for Dota 2. The latest is called the New Player mode and it is basically doing what it sounds.

In learning new MOBA games, one of the difficulties is choosing from and encountering numerous heroes. To limit that, this new mode offers a small and rather stable hero pool. This should allow new players to learn more about the basics without facing any new heroes.

Another issue in many regular games is toxicity. In particular, some players tend to suddenly leave and ruin the whole game. For this mode, new players don’t have to worry about it since anyone can leave a match without getting any penalty. Heroes formerly controlled by players are replaced by a bot to keep the game going.

Finally, this new mode ensures that solo-queue new players get to play with and against other solo new players. There won’t be any chance for new players to meet parties or even veterans.

Objectives and Rewards

Because each player learns at their own pace, the update introduces a new quest-like system of objectives for new players to complete. A total of four tiers of progressions are available for players to finish. Each tier has eight objectives ranging from teleporting and using the courier in Tier 1 and all the way to using items like BKB and Glimmer Cape in Tier 4. New Players simply need to finish at least five objectives per tier to get the rewards. This creates a rewarding experience while learning how to do the basics in the game.

In-Game Tips

Some new players may prefer live matches with human players over bots. To help them play such, the game puts out some helpful suggestions for them to know more.

A player low on health, for example, thinks that they can tower dive. Well, a helpful wizard appears to remind them what could happen if they continue on what they’re doing. This same wizard hopes to offer enough advice to let new players transition easier to real matches.

There’s no question that a lot of changes have indeed arrived with this new update. You can read all about that here.

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