Dota 2 July 21 Update Fixes Several Bugs, Patch Notes Here

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What's been happening behind the scenes?
What's been happening behind the scenes? Valve

Dota 2 just received a minor patch today. This update comes just after Gameplay Update 7.27c, however, unlike 7.27c, this update is only focused on bug fixes. No gameplay or character changes were made.

The bug where the Rolling In Riches bonus room lets you use abilities and items is fixed. Flight in Trap rooms is now disabled, and server crashes with Raisin Firesnaps are fixed. Rizzrick will not move when using the Tusk Walrus Wallop upgrade, and Witch Doctor's Death Ward will not be killed.

Additionally, a few more bugs were also fixed. You can read about them below and on the official site. Be sure to check out our previous article about Gameplay Update 7.27c.

Dota 2 July 21 Update Patch Notes

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed being able to use abilities and items in the Rolling In Riches Bonus Room.
  • Flight is now disabled upon entering Trap rooms.
  • Fixed Voodoo Restoration's Mana Cost upgrade increasing the mana cost.
  • Fixed a case where players could die to Astral Step after The Shadow of Inai was defeated.
  • Fixed players being able to die in the Aghanim victory sequence by dodging the invulnerability period with Eul's Scepter.
  • The Tusk Walrus Wallop upgrade can no longer move Rizzrick.
  • Fixed Witch Doctor's Death Ward being killable in some cases.
  • Fixed Witch Doctor's Max Health Voodoo Restoration talent affecting Aghanim with Hocus Pocus.
  • Fixed a case where Aghanim could be instantly killed by Winter's Curse.
  • Fixed a server crash with Raisin Firesnaps.

Map Changes:

  • Nav fixes for A Mind-Tingling Offer, Arrows Of The Moon, The Pugilist Pixies of Plague Wood, Manipulators of Time and Space, Mister Cleaver, The Soothing Sound of Sirens, They Speak in Spectral Tongues, Bogdugg the Bad-Bringer, The Fowl Feast, Al, the Chemist, My Rock Collection, Storegga The Ample, and Angry stuff with wings.

So what do you think? Have you encountered any of these bugs? Are there any other bugs that you want fixed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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