Dota 2 Makes Quick Rework And Nerfs Some Heroes In Update 7.27c

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Some reworks.
Some reworks. Valve

While many players where trying to figure out the changes in Update 7.27b, Dota 2 didn’t wait too long and released 7.27c, which introduced additional reworks on some of the heroes. There is one item change included in the patch which lowers the armor bonus of Blade Mail from +7 to +6. Aside from that it was all about heroes, seven of them in fact.

Before moving further, you can read our thoughts on Update 7.27b here.

Let’s start with Bloodseeker. He got some interesting changes with 7.27b, especially with Bloodrage and Thirst. Under the new update, his Bloodrage has self-damage reduced along with manacost. However, his Thirst creep heal has been increased. In addition, his Blood Rite has been rescaled. Overall, it looks to be more of giving the hero more balance.

On the other hand, Clinkz got the low end of the deal. His changes in the previous update were truly impressive. It seems to have been too good as 7.27c nerfs some of his abilities. Searing Arrows damage, for example, has been lowered while attack speed granted by Strafe was reduced as well. That’s not all as Death Pact got hit with a nerf as well. The health gain has been lowered from 60/80/100% to 40/70/100%. Meanwhile, damage gain was reduced as well to 4/9/14% from 6/10/14%.

Underlord also got hit with the nerf hammer. The radius of his Atrophy Aura was lowered from 1200 to 900, a rather large hit indeed. Cast range for both Pit of Malice and Firestorm has been reduced as well from 750 to 675. As if that wasn’t enough, his Talents also took a hit. Underlord's Level 15 Talent, Pit of Malice, had AoE reduced to +75 from +100. Firestorm Building Damage was also reduced to +15 from +20%.

So what else? Broodmother has Spawn Spiderlings Spiderite health increased, but magic resistance was reduced. That means the babies are going to be less resistant to magic but still won’t be that weak overall.

Chaos Knight had a bit of an improvement with base armor increased by 1. Spectre, on the other hand, had Desolate damage reduced, though it wasn’t that big of a change.

Of the heroes in this update, it’s Razor that got good buffs. Intelligence gain and Agility gain have both been increased. He’s also much faster now with base movement now at 285 from 280. His Storm Surge speed has also been increased.

Think these changes are enough? What change did you expect next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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